Lucky 7


It was really hard to convince myself to go for a run this morning. Most of my running this month has been really difficult, and it seemed like all of my endurance had suddenly vanished. I was feeling pretty discouraged and experiencing a serious loss of confidence.

I slept in this morning. I knew I needed to at least go out and try to run. I ate a banana, drank a glass of water, and headed out. I decided I’d go out for 60 minutes, and whatever happened would be better than nothing.

I really did not expect this to happen.

7 miles without a single walking break. Slow, but not crazy slow (average pace was about 10:38 per mile).

How did I go from not wanting to run at all to completing my longest run to date? It was weird. I have a lot of inner monologue when I’m running (especially when I run without music, like I did today). My thought process today went something like this:

“Just try running 5 minutes and walking for 1 minute.”

I was in the zone and didn’t even notice when I hit 5 minutes. At 9 minutes, I said to myself “How about run for 15 minutes and then walk for 2 minutes?”

At 15 minutes I was feeling really good. “I’ll just take a 5 minute walking break at 30 minutes.”

I was definitely feeling a little sluggish at 30 minutes, but I thought “I’ll just slow down and run for the whole 60 minutes.” That seemed like a great endurance goal, and I knew I’d hit the 5 mile mark at the very least.

And then I really zoned out. The next time I checked the time, my 60 minutes were almost over and I was nearing 5.5 miles. I was also still on the UCSD campus, almost 2 miles from home. So running for 60 minutes turned into “Might as well make it a 10k”, which quickly became “Since it’s not going to be my fastest 10k, might as well make it my longest run.” I settled on 7 miles, which was less than a mile away and surpassed my longest run (10k) by 0.8 mile.

I don’t know what to think about the sudden return of endurance, but I’ll take it.  I’ve been making it a point to drink more water, which could definitely have an effect. Other than that, I have no idea.

7 miles is only 6.1 miles short of a half marathon. I’m more than halfway there!

First day of school tomorrow! I’m off to get my act together and enjoy my last moments of freedom. And eat kettle corn. I can’t get enough popcorn lately.

Are you watching the game tonight? We might turn it on, but we’re not really into it now that the Packers are out of the running for the Superbowl.

Who do you root for when your team is done for the season? Greg and I agree that we’re now rooting for the Giants, since they beat the Packers. It would be lame for the Packers to lose to a team that doesn’t win the Superbowl.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Way to go on the 7 miles Hannah! Enjoy your evening and I know all will go well with school. So happy for you to be back into doing something meaningful and important to you. God bless you love! …and Greg too. I said to mom tonite, I wnat to go to Torrey Pines today. Wouldn’t that be nice! xooxox Have a great week!

  2. Nice. I like the water connection. That’s some amazing stuff. It’s definitely come through for me on occasion.

  3. Anxious to hear about your first day.

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