Milwaukee April 2012, Part 3


Milo hanging out. He looks a little alarmed about having his picture taken.


Me and my dad playing Bejeweled. That seemed to be the game of the week.

After our Sprecher tour, the we headed over to the Public Market.

We met up with Greg’s parents for dinner and wine.

My dear friend Chris works at the wine bar (and knows EVERYTHING about wine), so we got to see him a bit too.

I never choose my own wine when Chris is available. He always makes the perfect selection.

For dinner, I had a wonderful tomatoey vegetable barley soup with a huge piece of delish bread.

New Facebook (or business card) photo for Emily?

I also had an excellent time looking at the Milwaukee t-shirts.

Neighborhood t-shirts.

Super obscure/janky t-shirts. Almost bought this one for Greg.

Obvious but still kind of funny t-shirts.

Another delightful outing in gool ol’ Milwaukee.

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