Scheduling a Day: My First Attempt (in ages)


Last night, I jotted down a little schedule that included everything I wanted to accomplish today.

I forgot to set the alarm this morning, but I only woke up 6 minutes later than planned, so no big deal.

First things first: I slammed a glass of water and went for a run. I don’t know what my problem is with running these days. Ever since the holidays, I swear I have no endurance at all. Before the holidays, I was running 5-6 miles with ease (not really, but I could do it consistently). Now, a 4 mile run feels seriously hard. I actually feel the way I did when I first started running (that kind of out of breath/nauseous feeling), and the only thing that gets me through is knowing that I’ve done it so many times before.

When I got home, I ate breakfast. I won’t bore you with another photo of banana oatmeal with cinnamon. I caught up on emails while I ate, and then did a 20 minute upper body workout and called maintenance to fix the light in our fridge.

Snag 1: Greg was in the shower at the time that I was planning to be in the shower. If you think it’s weird to schedule when you’ll get in the shower, I kind of agree. However, I know all too well how easy it is to get distracted with some unimportant task (especially on a day off), and before I know it, it’s 2pm and I’m still in my rank running clothes. So, for me, it’s helpful to have an idea of when these things will happen.

Snag 2: I was planning to be REALLY awesome today and schedule our doctor and dentist appointments. I forgot it was a holiday. Offices closed.

Next, I had an hour of reading scheduled. I think scheduling things like reading is so wonderful, because I know if it’s scheduled, I’ll do it, and I so look forward to book time.

A bowl of blackberries, and I was off to run an errand.

Snag 3: That errand was to the post office. I am incapable of learning. Obviously, it is still a holiday, and the post office was closed.

On the bright side, I got a walk and some fresh air. And also a latte.

Since my errand ended up taking less time than I had planned, I was able to complete my dinner prep for tonight, which I hadn’t planned on doing until later.

I ate lunch and did a little more reading, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms during my scheduled cleaning time, and then settled in for some floor blogging.

I would definitely consider today a successful first attempt at sticking to a schedule, but obviously there are a lot of things that I still need to work on. The first thing that comes to mind is being more aware of when it’s actually possible to do things. For example, it is not possible to schedule appointments and run errands when everything is closed. I did a decent job of improvising and finding other productive things to do when this stuff didn’t work out, but it probably would have been better if I had known ahead of time and planned accordingly. I also need to be more aware of Greg’s schedule (which is challenging, since it changes so frequently).

The main thing I think I’m doing right is overestimating how long things will take. With almost every task today, I’ve had time to spare. I’m sure I’ll get more accurate with time, but for now, I would much rather overestimate how long things take than end up feeling rushed.

Guess what else is on the schedule for this evening…

Studying for my permit test! First step to getting my license, another 2012 resolution. Now that it’s on the blog, the pressure is on. Try not to make fun of me too horribly if I fail. :)

I hope you’re having a great Monday!


  1. God bless you Hannah!

  2. Hey Hannah!
    What an exciting day :) Those holidays can really throw you off. I know that feeling. So what’s for dinner? We had left over mashed potatoes that Dad fried and served with over easy eggs. It’s kinda nice to have breakfast for dinner once in a while.

    I’m excited to see your driving book. Do you have a date by which you you hope to accomplish this.
    Pretty exciting!
    I found a wallet while walking the dogs this morning. The man who it belonged to was so happy that it was returned. It was also his checkbook and credit cards. So that was a blessing. Along with a little sunshine. I had a good day too! I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work! love you xo

  3. Schedule a day???? Really???
    Martin Luther King day blew my swimming yesterday! I should have noticed the empty parking lots at the High School. Dah. . .
    You could have showered together and saved water and time!


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