Weekly Eats 2 + Excellent News


Excellent news: I was accepted to the accelerated nursing program that I applied to over the summer! My first day is January 21, 2014, and I’ll be graduating 24 months later. It feels so good to have a somewhat clear direction in terms of career. It’s a little overwhelming at the moment since there are so many unknowns and we have a lot to figure out in terms of financing this endeavor, but at the moment, I’m feeling pretty confident that everything will fall into place and work out just fine.

In other news, we’ve been eating some fine food around here, and I’ve finally been interested in cooking again. I’m really horrible lately at photographing the stuff I make, but I did snap pictures of a few favorites.

Vanilla bean coconut macaroons. Grain free, soy free, dairy free deliciousness. We ate the whole batch in a day.

Gluten free dairy free corn muffins.

Dangerous, but absolutely amazing with this batch of poblano white chili.


Greg and I are off to Boston tomorrow morning to enjoy what will probably be our last semi-real vacation for a while. It’s only semi-real because Greg still has to present at a conference, but close enough. I’m looking forward to some real fall weather, changing leaves, clam chowder, hot beverages, learning some history, and as much museum time as I can get.

Hope everyone’s doing well, and quite sorry if email updates are going to your spam folder.


  1. Congrats to the good news, again! And, this post came to the in-box.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Hi love,
    Feeling so happy for you! All of your food looks amazing. Looking forward to trying these recipes.
    Have a wonderful time in Boston! Enjoy!!!
    I love you so much xoxo (Greg too!)
    Be safe :)

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